Perumal & Partners Radiologists’ is committed to offering the highest standard of radiology and patient care. This new world class medical imaging facility is situated at the recently opened Ahmed Al-Kadi Hospital, situated in Mayville, Durban. Experienced radiologists and radiographers focus on combining the latest in radiological technology with expertise to image patients. The department is equipped with state of the art radiology machines (including CT & MRI) scanners and software from Siemens which facilitates workflow integration. The entirely Siemens imaging workflow solution is

As you walk into Perumal and Partners Radiologist practice, one would be forgiven for thinking that you had walked into a health spa, as the plush and welcoming entrance envelopes you. The facility also boasts a world class wellness centre exclusively dedicated for Women. Women can now have their mammograms, bone density scans and ultrasounds, in the amazing Women’s Wellness Centre, utilising the most technologically advanced imaging equipment.

Experienced imaging staff at Perumal and Partners Radiologists make exemplary patient care their number one priority. For an unparalleled, holistic imaging experience; visit Perumal and Partners Radiologists on the lower ground floor of Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital.(490 King Cetshwayo Highway, Mayville, Durban- 0314926888)


Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital


490 King Cetshwayo (Jan Smuts) Highway, Mayville, 4091

Contact Number

031 492 6888